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[Start, New Sindoh] History① 신도리코 역사 – 60s, 70s, 80s 신도리코가 걸어온 지난 61년을 함께 되돌아보며 현재에 이르기까지 그 변화상을 살펴보는 [Start, New Sindoh]! 오늘은 일곱 번째 시간입니다. 지난 달에는 현재와 미래를 선도하는 신도리코의 글로벌 디자인과 3D 프린터에 대해 알아봤는데요. 이어서 오늘은 신도리코의 역사, 그 중에서도 1960년대부터 1980년대까지의 역사 속으로 되돌아가 보겠습니다. 신도리코의 역사는 1960년대부터 시작됐다고 할 수 있습니다. 1960년 7월 7일, 오늘날 신도리코의 전신인 신도교역(新都交易)이 창립하면서 국내에 사무기기가 도입될 수 있었던 계기가 만들어졌습니다. 사무 자동화의 개념이 생소하던 60년대 우상기 선대회장은 복사기의 미래를 예견하며 적극적으로 사업에 전념했는데요. 이 때 신도는 복사기의 효율성을..
Sindoh wins “Good Design Award” for 3D Printer Sindoh A1+ Sindoh A1+, an SLA-mode 3D printer of expert 2D and 3D printer business Sindoh Company, won a prize in the Electronics Division of the Good Design Award of the US. The Good Design Award is an award jointly organized by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design, and Urban Studies. Celebrating its 70th anniversary after having be..
Sindoh Cultural Space group exhibition <Looking forward to a bright year of 2021> ▲ Hans-Christian Schink, Sacsay Huaman(3)C-print / diasec, framed, 121 X 143cm (Ed. 1 of 3), 2004 ※ Due to COVID19, the exhibition will be held at Sindoh Cultural Space without any audience attended. A special exhibition is to be held at the Sindoh Cultural Space, promising new hope in the coming New Year. This is the last exhibition in 2020 that will feature various artworks overseas from Japan..
Sindoh launches ‘N620 Series’, an A3 B/W multi-function printer with faster and stronger capabilities Sindoh, a 2D and 3D expert company, launched ‘N620 series’, a smart A3 B/W multi-function printer capable of fast processing of diversified tasks, and supports optimized job environment. Currently, rapid change of business environments has caused an increased demand for multi-function office systems. There have been rapid changes in various fields including companies, homes, medical treatments, ..
Sindoh Cultural Space group exhibition <The Korean Abstract Art> Due to COVID19, the exhibition will be held at Sindoh Cultural Space without any audience attended. Sindoh Culture Space is hosting an exhibition of Korean abstract art until October 22nd. The exhibition features four master artists who are leading in the contemporary abstract art in Korea, including Kim Gui-line, Gwak In-sik, You Hee-young, and Chung Sang-hwa. Their works express Korean themes ..
Sindoh, Launches Large Industrial 3D Printer 3DWOX 30X Sindoh, an expert company of 2D and 3D, markets its business in the industry markets in full force by launching ‘3DWOX 30X (hereinafter, 30X)’, a large industrial 3D printer. 30X is a 3D printer of FFF(Fused Filament Fabrication) type capable of large-sized printing, and of printing media of size up to 740 mm high, 480 mm deep and 150 mm high. Printing parts and systems for industries with large..
신도리코, 머티리얼라이즈와 대형 산업용 3D 프린터 개발 2D & 3D 전문기업 신도리코가 세계적인 3D 소프트웨어 전문기업 ‘머티리얼라이즈(Materialise)’와 전략적 파트너십을 체결하고 대형 산업용 3D 프린터 개발에 박차를 가하고 있습니다. 지난 2월부터 신도리코 서울 본사 기술연구소에서 진행된 3D 프린터 공동 개발 현장을 지금부터 살펴볼까요? ‘New Sindoh’를 향한 도약 올해로 창립 60주년을 맞이한 신도리코는 ‘Start, New Sindoh’라는 슬로건을 통해 멋진 도약을 준비하고 있습니다. 그리고 그 첫 번째 결과물이 빛을 발할 예정인데요. 신도리코는 지난해 독일 프랑크푸르트에서 개최된 ‘Formnext’ 전시회에서 머티리얼라이즈와 대형 산업용 3D 프린터 개발을 위한 전략적 파트너십을 체결했습니다. 당시 현장에는 이병백 신도리코 대..
Ivan Navarro, the Installation artist holds solo exhibition at Sindoh Cultural Space Ivan Navarro Solo Exhibition (April 17~June 12, 2020) Sindoh Cultural Space will host a solo exhibition by Ivan Navarro, a Chilean installation artist who delivers messages of freedom, truth, and hope as well as socio-political criticism by using neon and florescent light and mirror in his works. The exhibition will present works that feature reflection, sound, and text, creating magically visua..
Sindoh participates in the 3D Experience World 2020 (3DXW 2020) Sindoh, a professional 2D & 3D design company, participated in the 3D Experience World 2020 (hereinafter referred to as ‘3DXW 2020’), which was held for three days at the Music City Center in Nashville, U.S.A.. The international 3D design exhibition, consisting of numerous speeches, seminars, panel debates and other programs, was attended by some 6,000 people including designers, 3D planners, an..
신도리코, 3D Experience World 2020(3DXW 2020) 참가 2D&3D 전문기업 신도리코가 미국 내슈빌(Nashville)에 위치한 ‘Music City Center’에서 개최된 3D 전문 국제 전시회 ‘3D Experience World 2020(이하 3DXW 2020)’에 참가했습니다. 신도리코는 DC 코믹스의 히어로 '배트맨' 수트를 전시하고, 디자이너, 3D 설계자, 엔지니어 등 약 6,000여 명의 인원이 전시회에 방문해 수많은 연설과 세미나, 패널 토론 등을 선보이며 세계인들의 이목을 집중시켰는데요. 이번 전시회에는 주최사인 다쏘시스템(Dassault Systemes)의 75개 파트너사가 부스를 진행했고 국내 기업 중에서는 신도리코가 유일하게 참가했습니다. 3D 전문 국제 전시회 ‘3D Experience World 2020’ 3D Experience ..
Sindoh forms strategic partnership with additive manufacturing firm RIZE 2D & 3D firm Sindoh formed a strategic partnership with RIZE, a US next-generation 3D industrial printer maker, during the 3D Experience World 2020 held in Tennessee, the United States. RIZE is a Boston-based company specializing in next-generation additive manufacturing. It is engaged in sustainable and innovative projects with such authoritative government agencies like NASA and the US Army. A..
Sindoh attends TCT JAPAN 2020, a global 3D printing show Sindoh unveiled its latest technologies and products at the ‘TCT Japan 2020’ trade fair, which was held at the Tokyo Big Sight venue from January 28 to February 1. Among the products on display at the Sindoh booth were 3D printers including the 3DWOX 1, 3DWOX 1X, 3DWOX 2X, 3DWOX 7X, and Sindoh A1+. TCT Japan, one of the most popular events dedicated to 3D printing technology, attracts leading 3D..